Diner is schedule at 8 P.M (reservation only) and we share it with our guests.


We have got the “licence to run”, now complained by concerning authorites


I prepare in my kitchen seasonal menus with fresh products from the market of the day, to propose you an entire meal: starter, main course (fish or meat) and seasonal vegetables, Norman cheeses with green salad and home-made dessert.  natural water and french wine included.


I create family recipes or sometimes I m inspired by Monet’s cooked book, fine connoisseur of soil cooking.


Our “Table d’Hôtes” often take place around a long table under the bower viewing the garden (if weather permits) or in the romantic dining room of the house : this is the moment to get to know better and chat about each other experiences remembered   by a table cloth and a crockery choosen in relation with the menu of the day.

It’s easy for me as I realise the whole year table cloths and linen for boutiques and clients.



We are together and it is a particular moment for fun and friendship.