At the ground floor facing diectly the terrace and the peaceful garden the two windows under the imposing maple, which have done the name the name at the house, l’Erablière. 

Spacious with a double bed (1,80m), it can be equipped, on demand, either with a babybed or a supplementary inflated bed for a child under twelve.

In this bedroom, you can choice twins beds (0,90m each). 

Its contiguous private bathroom is oriented to the garden also through a double window with little panes  : the style “année 50” bathtub is assorted with it a big footed washbasin. It can be used as a shower.

Toilets are private and separated. 

Both “the Hydrangeas” and its bathroom are decorated in the mood of Monet’s paintings  : green and mauve in harmony, so as to be in the natural set of the flowers and garden.

Bathroom linen and the two sponge dressing growns are combined in the same tones and embroidered “l’Erablière”.

On the first floor of the house facing the garden and the river Seine…It is charming just like a large attic equiped with a double bedroom and on demand either a babybed or a supplementary inflatable bed for a child under twelve. 

The door next to you is the private bathroom (with toilets) viewing the garden. Bathtub on paws is ancient and used also as a shower. 

Both bedroom and bathroom are painted in tangerine and cream harmonies to enlight them more.

Embroidered “l’Erablière” linen for both bedroom and bathroom and sponge dressing gowns are assorted for your comfort. You can use it for breakfast as “at home”.


you can visit the Atelier de l’Erablière and some textile creations